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South Shore Conservatory

Kathy Czerny, SSC President
Stephen Deitz, Festival Director
Amy Schomp, Managing Director
Karen Bellinger, Festival Manager
Nancy Meredith, Box Office and Duxbury Campus Manager
Michelle McGrath, Publicity Services
Rick Assmus, Building/Grounds
Rich Fell, Piano Technician
Louis Gentile, Piano Mover

(as of June 14)

Mollie Baldwin Foley
Diane and F. Sherman Hoyt
Holly and Brendan Kissane
The Foundation for Creative Achievement
Frank Wisneski and Lynn Dale

Sheila and Richard Morse

Lee and Jack Barlow
Barbara and Fred Clifford
Cornelia and Steward Clifford
GAGNONtax, Judy and Bill Gagnon
Nancy Herndon
Jane Carr and Andrew Hertig
Nancy and John Powell
The Village at Duxbury

Wendy and Vince Spiziri

SPONSOR ($5000)
Safe Foundation
Kathy and Warren Skillman
Pat and Wilfred Sheehan

Mary Danner
Motoko and Gordon Deane
Rebecca and James Garrett
Donne and Frank Holden
Mimi and Joe Jannetty
Gerald and Linda Jones
Diane Keller
Barbara and Morgan Lamarche
Hilary and Richard Lucier
Merck Foundation
Michael and Christine Puzo
Mary and Jerry Steinke
Richard and Carolyn Wadsworth
Jason Wolfson

Francis R. Doran Insurance Agency

Julia and Stephen Adams
Alliance Bernstein
Nancy Riegel
Sylvia and Dwight Rost

Shirley Amory
Gregg and Courtney Jordan
William and Katherine Dixon
Amy and Brian Sack
Charles and Holly Weilbrenner

Mary and William Benjes
Jeannine Brayman
Richard Brown
Thomas & Elizabeth Bullock
Maureen & John Cataudella
Anthony & Anne Marie DiBona
John & Constance Enniss
Jane & George Fogg
Mrs. Stephanie Gagnon and
Dr. Patrick Gagnon
David & Shirley Jenkins
Marilyn & Stephen Kaszynski
Carol Loring
Thomas & Nancy O'Neill
Olga & Richard Rothschild
Olga & Richard Rothschild
Francis & Patricia Shea
Larence Smith
Joel & Catherine Stein
Charles & Cheryl Tufankjian
Lanci & Page Valentine
Freja Wagner

PENMOR AVIATION, Sheila and Richard Morse
SHORELINE AVIATION, Ann Pollard, Keith Douglass
Holly and Brendan Kissane
Reggie and Steve McCormack
Kathy and Jack Shield

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Fees & Tuition Assistance

Tuition and Fees - 2017

All tuition and fees must be paid by June 24, 2017

Application Fee $150

TUITION ($2,950):    
Tuition Deposit
(due June 1, 2017)
$500 (non-refundable, required of all DMF students)
Tuition Balance
(due June 24, 2017)
$2,450 (boarding students receiving no financial aid)
Tuition Balance
(due June 24, 2017)
$1,700 (commuting students receiving no financial aid)

BALANCE DUE (due June 24, 2017):


Computations for determining "Balance Due"
for boarding students: $2,950 (tuition) -$500 (Tuition Deposit) - $ amount of financial aid = Amount of "Balance Due"  
for commuting students: $2,200 (tuition) -$500 (Tuition Deposit) -$ amount of financial aid = Amount of "Balance Due"  

All fees are payable in U. S. Funds drawn on a U. S. correspondent bank only. Foreign students should obtain an International Money Order in U. S. dollars for the payment of fees.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal may not be a payment option for applicants living outside of the United States. Please call 781-934-2731 x 11 and pay by credit card.

Checks must be payable to: SOUTH SHORE CONSERVATORY or you may charge to MasterCard, Visa orPayPal.


Tuition Assistance Information

The DUXBURY MUSIC FESTIVAL actually costs $4,000/student. Through the generosity of donors who recognize the value of music education and this program, we are able to offer a reduced rate of $2,950 for tuition, room and board.

Some additional assistance will be available to selected students who have submitted a completed application and financial-aid form by April 22, 2017. Tuition deposit is due June 1, 2017. Final payment must be made by June 26, 2017.

Download Tuition Assistance Application Form (Adobe PDF)