a program of

South Shore Conservatory

Kathy Czerny, SSC President
Stephen Deitz, Festival Director
Amy Schomp, Managing Director
Nancy Meredith, Box Office and Duxbury Campus Manager
Michelle McGrath, Publicity Services
Rick Assmus, Building/Grounds
Rich Fell, Piano Technician
Louis Gentile, Piano Mover

(as of June 9, 2017)

Festival Sponsor
Mollie Baldwin Foley
Diane and Sherm Hoyt
Mead Witter Foundation
The Foundation for Creative Achievement
Lynn Dale and Frank Wisneski

Tent Sponsor
Sheila and Richard Morse

Event Sponsor
Lee and Jack Barlow
Barbara and Fred Clifford
Cornelia and Stewart Clifford
Judy and Bill Gagnon
Nancy Herndon
Nancy and John Powell
Wendy & Vincent Spiziri
The Villlage at Duxbury

Student Scholarship Sponsor
Bernstein Alliance
Motoko and Gordon Deane
Barbara and Morgan Lamarche
Mary Ellen and Peter Lawrence
Hilary and Richard Lucier
Merck Foundation
Barbara & Peter Palfrey
Mary and Jerry Steinke
Jason Wolfson

Full Student Scholarship Sponsor
Mollie Baldwin Foley scholars (2)
The Safe Family Foundation
Pat and Wilfred Sheehan
Kathy & Warren Skillman

Festival Friend
Julia and Stephen Adams
Nancy Riegel
Sylvia and Dwight Rost

Festival Donor
Lyell & Kurt Franke
Linda and Gerald Jones
Gregg & Courtney Jordan
Marcia and Abbot Vose
Charles & Holly Weilbrenner

Festival Fan
Shirley Amory
Jane Carr and Andrew Hertig
Nancy Dana
Mary Danner
Sandra & Douglas Dapprich
Edward & Doris Kellar
Joan & Robert Kelly
Carol Loring
Flip Mulford
Thomas & Nancy O'Neil
Merle & Mary Ott
Olga & Richard Rothschild
Pat and Wilfred Sheehan
Joel & Catherine Stein
Lanci & Page Valentine

Concert Host
John Carnuccio
Barbara and Fred Clifford
Cornelia and Stewart Clifford
Mollie and Bill Foley
Judy and Bill Gagnon
Lee and Ray Wareham

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Festival Leadership - 2016


DMF Executive Committee
Marcy Bravo, Laura Carleton, Barbara Clifford,
Lyell Franke, Judy Gagnon, Mimi Jannetty,
Pam Smith, Mary Steinke, Karen Wehner

Faculty Housing and Dinners
Mary Steinke

Welcoming Committee
Diane Hoyt

Foodies Committee
Laura Carleton, Marcy Bravo, Sue Gaintner,
Pam Smith

Festival Recitals
Betsey Drollett

Day on the Bay
Drew Schomp, Dick Lucier

July 14: Welcome Dinner
Pam Smith, Marcia Vose

July 17: Opening Concert
Reggie Irving

July 19: Piano Man Cabaret Concert
Anita Mraz, Kristin Rappe

July 22: Motown on the Green
Karen Wehner



July 23: Rhythm and Blues on the Green
Megan Cerow, Christy Strawbridge

July 24: Family Fest
Luci Scott, Eve Penoyer

July 24: Sunday in the Park
Marcy Bravo

July 22-24: Tent Décor
Megan Cerow, Lisa Fitzgibbons

July 27: All That Jazz Concert
Vickie Jodoin

July 29: Winners Concert
Kathy Skillman, Stephanie Gagnon

Marketing/Visibility and Advertising
Sarah Gilbert, Luci Scott

Annual Donor Opportunities & DMF Sustainer Campaign
Barbara Clifford, Mary Steinke